Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Justice about truth or having the best Lawyer ...... it nuh look suh

Well with the Buju Banton trial deemed as having a hung jury the new date is proposed for December of this year, his lawyer is expected to launch a bail application today September 28, 2010.

One of the good things about this I feel is that the belief that the gay community was responsible for Mr. Mark Myrie's woes have died down significantly but it is surprising to see the excuses being concocted by media folks and some dancehall artists who have now suddenly appeared from the woodwork to cry for "Justice"

Where were they before now and one wonders if they are not jut using this as a photo opportunity to kick start their fledgling careers and we haven't heard of some of the names being banded about as being active supporters in such a long time.

There was a small protest in Half Way Tree on Saturday September 25th and yesterday as well with a sense of relief when the news came of the hung jury. The participants had dutch pot covers and a large hand painted sign simply worded "Free Buju" small debates and loud discussions could be heard at almost every point at the city centre with folks arguing for and against Buju's actions and the possible outcomes of the case, the nation is transfixed now.

Some questions that still remain are:

  • Why would a rasta be involved in dealings with the "white lady" (cocaine)?
  • How did this informant ended up beside Buju Banton on the same flight, is it a coincidence?
  • Will the two co-defendants now serving time be called to testify against Buju Banton in the re-trial as that may allow them to get deals and may even walk free after doing so ?
  • Is justice or having a trial at least to unearth the truth?
  • Is justice more about having the best legal defense to concoct or help the accused no matter how guilty they are to worm their way from the allegations?
  • What is going to happen to other young would be entertainers watching this?
  • What are the messages being sent in this matter? then we say we want morals as a nation
  • How hypocritical can one get with this?
  • How is he financing all of this?
  • Will David Markus, his attorney be around for the re-trial judging from his high price tag?
  • Is the pre-release of the new music set being used to capitalize on the collective sympathy from the public to offset legal costs?
  • Will he ever recover to re-commence touring and performing again especially in the United States?
  • How will the gay community internationally react to him after all this has subsided?

Despite the strong evidence of the tape of Mr. Myrie tasting the "white lady" and the expressed disappointment in certain circles including parts of the Rastafarian community persons are still calling for him to walk free even after engaging in dealing with a substance that is known to be dangerous to users, we are to believe that he was just "running off his mouth" I thought Rasta man supposed to be contrite and thinking on their feet given the tenets of the faith.

I am disappointed in him otherwise, you cannot be a Rasta and be involved in drugs then preach ital livity and cleanliness then here you are facing this and to think Jamaicans are so blind we are not looking at that part of it. Lest we forget when Mr. Myrie first made his sojourn into Rastafari there were some in various quarters who were skeptical of his new found faith and wondered of there were ulterior motives, some have gone as far to say he wanted to become the next Bob Marley and given his pronouncements about Marley some time ago I was surprised to see Stephen Marley was called as a character witness.

Remember this:

Buju Says Bob Marley Is Not The Greatest Jamaican Musician.............

at the launch of his ‘Rasta Got Soulalbum, Buju Banton reportedly said

You know they say that the greatest musician in Jamaica is Bob Marley. I don’t believe that, because we have greater musicians to come.

Bob was the most promoted, and well promoted and we have to appreciate that because its our culture but don’t kill our culture with one living one. Enough is Enough.

Buju’s comments reportedly received claps from the crowd

The original Jamaica Observer article carrying the complete happenings has been removed interestingly.

So one just never knows why things are done the way they are done in the entertainment industry but we will watch none the less and see how this pans out.

I am also heartened that the gay community on a whole decided to keep quiet and let it all hang out, no protests, no fanfare, no commentary as far as murder music was concerned.

Peace and tolerance.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Gay Liberation Network - LGBT Activists May Protest Jamaican DJ Capleton

By Joseph Erbentraut

A planned October 9 performance by Jamaican reggae performer Capleton at The Kinetic Playground (1113 W. Lawrence) has set the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) in motion against the singer's controversial, anti-gay lyrics.

The LGBT organization is currently in negotiations with the Uptown venue to either cancel the gig or face community protest.

In a letter sent to The Kinetic Playground's owner Jim Gouskos earlier this month, GLN spokesperson Roger Fraser addressed the group's concerns, namely the performer's promotion of violence against LGBT people in lyrics of songs like "Bun out Di Chi Chi," which translates to "Burn the Queer."

His lyrical content has put him on the radar of LGBT activists opposed to so-called "murder music" and resulted in the cancellation of shows nationwide, eventually leading to Capleton and other controversial Jamaican dancehall singers singing the Reggae Compassionate Act in 2007, promising to forgo incendiary remarks toward gay and lesbian people and other minorities.

But despite that, Capleton has, as recently as last year, reportedly exclaimed "All who have burned queers and sodomites, put your hands up!" in a Jamaican concert.

"Very few promoters want to be associated with murderous bigotry and calls from the stage to commit mayhem," Fraser wrote to Gouskos. "No respectable promoter would knowingly schedule a performer whose lyrics promoted violence and murder against blacks or Jews or Muslims.

Cancel Capleton Hate Tour 2010

We ask for and expect the same consideration be made concerning LGBT people." In response to Fraser's inquiries, Gouskos said he is not homophobic and would like to get out of his contract for the Capleton gig, but can't afford the $11,000 cancellation fee.

According to Fraser, Gouskos further indicated he could get plenty "goons to throw eggs at us," if GLN protests the show and told the GLN rep he did not represent the LGBT community.

Goons or not, it would appear the show - and the protest - will go on, though there remains no mention of the gig on the Kinetic's website or Facebook page.

GLN and other LGBT organizers were successful last year in causing the cancellation of many of Jamaican performer Buju Banton's American gigs. Banton's song "Boom Bye Bye" advocated burning gay people "up bad like an old tire wheel" before shooting them.

Banton is, incidentally, now imprisoned in Florida on a cocaine charge. GLN also forged a campaign against anti-gay neo-Nazi band Evil Incarnate, whose appearance at the End of Days Fest at White Star Lounge was canceled last December.

Sizzla's concert cancelled (France), Montpellier's mayor re-affirms firm stand in the face of homophobic calls for murder


Press release No. TR10INT11J

Paris, Friday 24 September 2010 FR


Sizzla, known for his calls for the murder of LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bi- and trans-sexuals), was due to sing yesterday at Montpellier’s Festi Plaisir.

On 9 May 2008, Tjenbé Rèd - the Afro-Caribbean association for the struggle against all forms of racism, homophobia and Aids, the French co-ordinator of the international Stop Murder Music (SMM) network - warned the mayor, Hélène MANDROUX (member of the Socialist Party), about another concert of the singer. The elected representative had then asked the Prefect to cancel this concert “because of the violent and discriminatory tenor, particularly of a homophobic nature, of certain songs”. [1]

Last August 21, our association, getting support on 20 September from Mr Michel PASSET, the Chair of the communist group on the Montpellier Municipal Council, warned Mrs MANDROUX about yesterday’s concert. She just reaffirmed her position by “solemnly warning the organisers” of this new concert [2]. We learns fortuitously that this concert has been cancelled without explanation. (The artist, it is true, is accustomed to unannounced cancellations, of which his fans complain on diverse Internet forums.) [3]

We congratulates Mrs MANDROUX and Mr PASSET for their commitments in support of human rights and invites the Municipal Council to vote on a position of principle relating to all of the singers tracked by the SMM campaign (Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Capleton, Elephant Man, Sizzla or Mavado, Dr Evil and Leftside) [4]. This position would help exercise a salutary pressure on these“singers”, veritable messengers of death. In this way, Vybz Kartel and the TOK group, initially targeted by the campaign, now respect a code of conduct: the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA). [5]

For Tjenbé Rèd, chair, David AUERBACH CHIFFRIN

+33 (0)6 10 55 63 60 (Fr. Mainland) - +596 (0)6 96 05 24 55 (FWI) - Fax: +33 (0)1 76 50 59 79




[1A] 9 mai 2008 - Alerte homophobie ! Buju Banton et Sizzla, deux chanteurs homophobes, en

tournée en France ! (Sizzla, le «butteur de pédés», est à Montreuil ce mercredi 14 mai) -

Communiqué de presse n°TR08POL03

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2008/20080509-00.html [fr]

[1B] 28 May 2008 - Sizzla seems to re-affirm his intention to abide by the Reggae

Compassionate Act (The main obstacle to his return to France could thus be removed) -

Press release No TR08POL09

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2008/20080528-01.pdf [en]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2008/20080528-00.html [fr]

[2A] 21 août 2010 - Campagne Stop Murder Music - Sizzla à Montpellier : «Butte les pédés,

mon flingue va tirer» ?! - Communiqué de presse n°TR10INT11C

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100821-00.pdf [fr]

[2B] 22 September 2010 - Stop Murder Music in South of France: Tjenbé Rèd calls upon the

mayor of Montpellier to renew her commitment against homophobia in the face of the singer

Sizzla - Press release No.TR10INT11I

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100921-19.pdf [en]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100921-10.pdf [fr]

http://www.lepost.fr/ [fr]

[2C] 23/24 septembre 2010 - Discrimination : Hélène Mandroux regrette la tenue du concert

de Sizzla à Montpellier (Communication du maire de Montpellier, Hélène Mandroux)


42/RETURN/1/6-quartier-port-marianne-montpellier.htm [fr]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100924-99.jpg [fr]

[3A] 23 septembre 2010 - Message non motivé d’annulation du concert de Sizzla prévu au

Festi Plaisir de Montpellier sur le site Internet Fnac.com (Capture d’écran par Tjenbé Rèd)

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100923-79.jpg [fr]

[3B] 10/24 septembre 2010 - Message motivé d’annulation du concert de Sizzla prévu au

Garance Élysée Montmartre sur le site Internet Fnac.com (Capture d’écran par Tjenbé Rèd)

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100910-59.jpg [fr]

[3C] 10 September 2010 - Stop Murder Music campaign: Sizzla’s concert cancelled, Vybz

Kartel’s still on - Press release No. TR101NT11H

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100910-09.pdf [en]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100910-00.pdf [fr]

[4] 21 September 2010 - Stop Murder Music France (Paris): Council of 18th district of Paris

denounces homophobic calls for murder by singer Vybz Kartel - Press release No.TR10INT12

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100921-09.pdf [en]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100921-00.pdf [fr]

[5A] 23 September 2010 - Stop Murder Music France (Paris, Montpellier): Vybz Kartel, from

calls to murder to the Reggae Compassionate Act (The Jamaican singer commits himself never

again to call for the murder of LGBT people) - Press release No. TR10INT12A

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100923-09.pdf [en]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100923-00.pdf [fr]

http://www.lepost.fr/ [fr]

http://www.davibejamaica.com/en/news/la-venue-de-vybz-kartel-confirmee.html [fr]

[5B] 22 September 2010 - Reggae Compassionate Act (Signed in Kingston by Vybz Kartel)

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100922-99.jpg [en]

[5C] 13 août 2009 - Reggae Compassionate Act (Adapted and signed in Zürich by T.O.K.)

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2009/20090813-89.pdf [en]

[5D] 13 juin 2007 - Reggae Compassionate Act (Version française établie par Tjenbé Rèd

le 18 octobre 2008)

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2007/20070613-88.pdf [fr]

[6] 13 juillet 2010 - Photographies de la manifestation de Tjenbé Rèd lors de la venue de

Capleton à l’Élysée Montmartre à Paris



English translation of this French original text. In the event of any differences between the

English translation and the French original, the French text shall prevail. Translated by T. E.

24 septembre 2010 - Stop Murder Music France (Languedoc-Roussillon) : Le concert du

chanteur Sizzla annulé, le maire de Montpellier réaffirme sa fermeté face aux appels au

meurtre homophobes - Communiqué de presse n°TR10INT11J

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100924-00.pdf [fr]

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100924-09.pdf [en]

Human Rights & J-FLAG Activists call for an end to violence against LGBT Community

Kingston --- September 24, 2010

Despite calls for tolerance by our religious, political and social leaders, attacks against Jamaica's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender population continue unabated.

The latest such attacks occurred this September when knife wielding thugs carried out 'corrective rapes' of two lesbians in separate incidents within days of each other.

In response to these most recent attacks and the seeming inability or unwillingness of the nation's political leaders to curb them, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) and its human rights allies held a 30 minutes silent 'Stand Up to Violence' in front of Emancipation Park on Friday, September 24, 2010 which began at 7:40am.

Dane Lewis, Executive Director of J-FLAG, hailed the event as a success despite the delayed start because of the rain.

This was also measured by the broad based support received from numerous allies & agencies, including Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, members of Jamaicans for Justice, Pride in Action, Women for Women, Sex Work Association of Jamaica, Sunshine Cathedral Jamaica, Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition and AIDS Free World.

International defence attorney Lord Anthony Gifford, QC, noted that "the issue of violence against gays and lesbians is a human rights issue and I was taking a stand to support that as it is important to keep the issue of rights in the public's consciousness." Susan Goffe, member of Jamaicans For Justice, said "it is important to understand the effect of homophobic rhetoric and the feeling that it is alright to target members of the LGBT community.

The state must clearly illustrate by its action that it defends and protects the rights of women and this includes all women regardless of their sexuality. The acts against these women should unambiguously be condemned."
Participants held up placards which read

'Gay or Straight, Let's all Tolerate', 'Gays have Rights,' and

'Stop the Hate Before It's Too Late', 'Live and Let Love',

'Equal Rights & Justice' and 'Out of Many One People'.

While pointing to the need for strong action to be taken against gender based violence in any form, Programme Manager at Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, Ivan Cruickshank appealed to all well thinking Jamaicans to join in promoting and protecting the rights of all citizens regardless of their sexual orientation.


The following persons may be contacted for an interview:
Susan Goffe - 815-3648
Dane Lewis - 978-8988/ 875-2328

Dane Lewis
Executive Director
Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays - J-FLAG
Tel/ Fax: (876)978-8988
Website: www.jflag.org
email: admin@jflag.org

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reggae Compassionate Act signed by Vybz Kartel ....... courageous move by the DJ



(The Jamaican singer commits himself never again to call for the murder of LGBT people)

Press release NoTR10INT12A
Paris, Thursday 23 September 2010 EN
Tjenbé Rèd, the Afro-Caribbean association for the struggle against all forms of racism, homophobia and aids, the French coordinator of the international Stop Murder Music (SMM) coalition, received yesterday at 19:03 hrs

(Kingston, Jamaica time) a copy of the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA) signed by the hand of VYBZ KARTEL, sent from his own personal email address. Signing this Code of Practice is an example of real progress in the struggle against all forms of homophobia in Jamaica, France and the rest of the world. The SMM coalition has been waiting for this since 2004.

It commits the artist not to repeat the calls for murder of LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bi- and trans-sexuals) which he included in performances between 2003 and 2010. It constitutes a major success for the strategy of dialogue led by the SMM coalition, including, particularly, the British group OutRage! and its chair, Peter THATCHELL.

Tjenbé Rèd welcomes this courageous gesture by VYBZ KARTEL and thanks the council of the 18th district of Paris, which, on the intiative of Mr Ian BROSSAT (chair of the group of communist and Left Party elected representatives on Paris city council, counsellor for the 18th district), had voted for a formal request to be sent to the capital’s Prefect of Police asking him “to consider the risks to public order which might be provoked by” the singer’s concert in this
district on the coming Sunday. Tjenbé Rèd consequently withdraws all calls for organised action in relation to this concert.

Vigilance is still required. Several performers of murder music have signed the RCA, then denied having signed it, in particular Sizzla, who is due to appear this evening at Montpellier, whose mayor Mme Mandroux, contacted on 21 August, could restate the views she expressed in 2008 in the face of this artist.

For Tjenbé Rèd, Chair, David AUERBACH CHIFFRIN
+33 (0)6 10 55 63 60 (Fr. Mainland) -
+596 (0)6 96 05 24 55 (FWI) -
Fax: 01 76 50 59 79

[1A] 22 September 2010 - Stop Murder Music in South of France: Tjenbé Rèd calls upon the mayor of Montpellier to renew her commitment against homophobia in the face of the singer Sizzla - Press release

http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100921-10.pdf [fr]
http://www.lepost.fr/ [fr]

[1B] 31 May 2008 - Follow up to the remarks made by Benoît Collin, publications director of the Internet site
Reggaefrance.com, in the daily letter of the monthly magazine Têtu, the 29th of May 2008 - Communication


[1C] 28 May 2008 - Sizzla seems to re-affirm his intention to abide by the Reggae Compassionate Act
(The main obstacle to his return to France could thus be removed) - Press Release No TR08POL09

[1D] 26 mai 2008 - Non au concert xénophobe, homophobe et sexiste de Sizzla au Rockstore (Montpellier) !
(Communiqué du Collectif contre l’homophobie et pour l’égalité des droits)

[1E] 17 mai 2008 - Lettre à Rama Yade, secrétaire d’État chargée des Affaires étrangères et des Droits de l’Homme, au
sujet de la tournée du chanteur Sizzla - Communication n°TR08POL07
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2008/20080517-00.html [fr]

[1F] 13 May 2008 - Open letter to the mayors and those in charge of the concert halls to be visited by Sizzla during his
French Tour - Press release No. TR08POL04B
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2008/20080513-01.html [fr]
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2008/20080513-01.pdf [fr]

[2] 22 September 2010 - Reggae Compassionate Act signed by Vybz Kartel

[2A] 22 septembre 2010 - Reggae Compassionate Act signed (Courriel de Vybz Kartel à Tjenbé Rèd, le 22 septembre
2010 à 19h03, heure de Kingston, Jamaïque)
Document confidentiel, réf. 100922-99.pdf [en]

[2B] 23 mai 2010 - Vybz Kartel - No Man {Black Street Prod} May 2010 (Ajouté sur Youtube par Mioke3)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYgowm6bOaY&feature=player_embedded [en]
http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments=1&v=DYgowm6bOaY [en]

[2C] 23 septembre 2009 - Vybz Kartel - Nuh Batty Ting (silent river riddim) - Ajouté sur Youtube par SpecualKeesh
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiPkMUk22wo [en]
http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments=1&v=CiPkMUk22wo [en]
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100921-89.pdf [en]
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100922-79.pdf [en]

[2D] 13 juin 2007 - Reggae Compassionate Act (Version française établie par Tjenbé Rèd le 18 octobre 2008)

Another set of misplaced views on homosexuality .........

Jamaica Prefers Adam & Eve!

Jamaica Prefers Adam & Eve!

How Jamaicans like to see couples: man and woman, as depicted in Laura Facey Cooper's bronze sculpture "Redemption Song."
Photo/Copyright Unknown © 2009

Ten Reasons Jamaica Will Never Accept Homosexuality

Do you agree with this writer from www.yush.com I had some difficulty responding directly to it on the page but you can email them at http://yush.com/contact clearly this writer is a homophobe and is ignorant of the real deal.

Some of the points are still true in as far as the stigma and misunderstandings of male homosexuality in particular are concerned such as the lifestyle being viewed as a Caucasian import (item number four on the list)

Also the point on biblical literalism as well (items number six and eight)

it is however persons such as this we need to respond to to let help them to clear their minds of mindless hate mostly based on fear and ignorance as if homosexuality is some contagious disease.

Follow the listing they provided below and respond to the writer if you feel so moved.

Peace and tolerance


(1) Homosexuality is officially an illegal activity in Jamaica and anyone engaging in such acts can (and are) prosecuted. Interestingly, the offence of buggery is covered under Section 76 of Jamaica’s Offences Against the Person Act which outlines that it is illegal even for anal intercourse between a man and a woman in addition to sex between two men.

(2) The island is very steeply religious and practitioners take their religion seriously. There are as many rum bars as there are churches in Jamaica!

(3) Jamaica’s culture is to fire bu’n anything it does not like, agree with or feel is too alien to its own sense of reality.

(4) Homosexuality is still very much regarded as a white man’s activity among most people.

(5) There is a strong, vibrant anti-homosexual culture in the island.

(6) Jamaica is the land of Rastafarianism and fundamental rastas condemn such 'babylon' activities, often citing the bible as justification for its opposition.

(7) Seeing two people of the same sex acting outwardly affectionate with each other enrages the spirit of most Jamaicans. Many can (and do) tolerate the idea of individuals doing whatever they want in the privacy of their own space but not right under their noses!

(8) Jamaicans love their bibles a lot and right there in Leviticus it clearly says: “men shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, that’s an abomination.”

(9) The word “battyman”, the most offensive term for homosexuals, has become a status symbol and certain crowd pleaser among entertainers and politicians alike! Its almost like shorthand for laughing at homosexuality yet interestingly sometimes those laughing the hardest among the crowd are the biggest homosexuals ever!

(10) There are many hypocritical people who because of their positions or status in Jamaican society, cannot or will not come out of the closset with their homosexuality for fear of being harmed in some way, given the prevailing climate against the practice.

Can you think of any other reasons or have you got an alternative view on homosexuality?

Answer the writer for this HERE: http://yush.com/contact

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Council of 18th district of Paris denounces homophobic calls for murder by singer Vybz Kartel

Press release No.TR10INT12
Paris, Tuesday 21 September 2010 FR EN

Tjenbé Rèd, an Afro-Caribbean association for the struggle against all forms of racism, homophobia and AIDS, the French coordinator of the international Stop Murder Music (SMM) campaign, is delighted at the action by the council of the 18th district of Paris in favour of human rights in France, Jamaica and the rest of the world.

Yesterday evening, the representatives of the 18th district voted unanimously on a formal request to the capital’s prefect of police asking that «he consider the risks to public order which might be provoked by» the Jamaican singer Vybyz Kartel’s concert in their district, at the Garance Élysée Montmartre on the coming 26 September.

This formal request, tabled by the socialist representatives, and deriving from an intiative of Mr Ian Brossat (chair of the group of communist and Left Party representatives in Paris city council, counsellor for the 18th District), recalls that Vybz Kartel includes in his repertoire several «overtly homophobic» songs, of which one «declares that gays and lesbians ought to be murdered».

Tjenbé Rèd once again calls upon Vybz Kartel and others who perform murder music to sign the Reggae Compassionate Act.

Pour Tjenbé Rèd,
le président, David AUERBACH CHIFFRIN
+33 (0)6 10 55 63 60 (France Mainland)
+596 (0)6 96 05 24 55 (French West Indies)
Fax: +33 (0)1 76 50 59 79

[1B] 10 September 2010 - Stop Murder Music campaign:
Sizzla’s concert cancelled,
Vybz Kartel’s still on - Press release No. TR101NT11H
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100910-09.pdf [en]
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2010/20100910-00.pdf [fr]
http://mygsa.ca/fr/node/5033 [en]

[2A] In Bedroom Slaughteration
Vybz Kartel performs: «Bow cat, sodomite, batty man fi gat assassination»
(«Oral sexer, lesbian and queer must be assassinated»); in Gunz Like Mine, he let them some more hope: «Kartel buss one inna batty bwoy spine»
(«Kartel puts a bullet in a queer’s spine»); in Pussy Jaw, he withdraw a part of this hope:
«Faggot fi get copper to di heart... Don run anybody wey fuck batty...
Me a shot e... From yuh funny, yuh a guh bury...» («Faggot must get bullet to the heart... Don’t chase away the man who fucks arse... I am trying to shoot him... If you are queer, you get buried...»).

In 2004, Vybz Kartel had his MOBO Award (Music of Black Origin Award) nomination withdrawn after the organisers declined to promote artists inciting homophobic violence.

13 juin 2007 - Reggae Compassionate Act (original English text)
http://www.tjenbered.fr/2007/20070613-99.pdf [en]
http://www.petertatchell.net/popmusic/reggaecompassiondeal.htm [en]

Buju defence witness refuses to testify .............. Buju says he’s nervous, scared

TAMPA, Florida — The defence in the Buju Banton trial suffered a minor setback this morning when a possible witness pleaded the Fifth Amendment, deciding not to testify on behalf of the Jamaican singer.
The defence had requested that James Mack, Buju's former co-accused, give evidence for him, but Mack, fearful that he might jeopardise his chances of getting a lighter sentence, opted not to.
American law allows a witness to refuse to testify under oath on the ground that the answers could be used as evidence by prosecutors seeking to convict the witness for a criminal offence Mack was arrested in December 2009 the same day that Buju, whose given name is Mark Myrie, was arrested and slapped with cocaine charges.
He recently copped a plead deal for a lighter sentence. Also arrested along with Mack in a sting operation was Ian Thomas, who also copped a plea deal. Both men will be sentenced in November.

Reacting to the development, Buju's lawyer David Markus expressed some disappointment as he spoke with the Observer.

"He would have helped," Markus said.
Meanwhile, Markus continued his grilling of Alexander Johnson, the prosecution's main witness.

Markus, with his line of questioning painted a picture of a man who was in financial debt and was pushing to entrap Buju because of the money he stood to earn from the case, if the entertainer was arrested.
The court was told that Johnson was behind on his credit card bills, mortgage payment and owed the US government over $100,000 in taxes.
Markus pointed out from transcripts of Johnson's recorded conversations with Buju, that he was the one constantly bringing up talks of drugs and that the entertainer was not interested.

Johnson also said that he did not inform Buju that he was going to look at drugs on December 8 when the entertainer was caught on tape tasting the cocaine. He said the artiste was under the impression that he was going to see a sailboat he (Johnson) owned.

Buju was arrested at his home at Tamarac, South Florida hours after his former co-accused Thomas and Mack, were arrested during an alleged drug bust in an undercover operation at a warehouse in Sarasota, Florida in December last year.
All three were charged with conspiracy to possess more than five kilogrammes of cocaine with intent to distribute, while Mack was charged with possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offence.
The drug charge carries a minimum sentence of 20 years to life in addition to a fine of up to US$4 million, while the firearm charge carries a sentence of five years to life and a fine of up to US$250,000.

Both Mack and Thomas, in their plea deals, have agreed to give evidence to assist the US Government in building a case against Banton, in exchange for lesser sentences.

Buju says he’s nervous, scared
"Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was called to the stand about 2:45 pm Florida time by his attorney David Oscar Markus.

“I was just talking crap. I’m not a drug dealer,” Banton admitted.

He said that he did not want to be outtalked by Johnson, and said Johnson seemed to be a nice person who he liked hanging out with.

Banton admitted also that he had made a false move by sampling cocaine in a warehouse in Tampa. He said he was unaware that he was going to see cocaine as Johnson told him that he was going to inspect a boat.

He said he was fascinated with boats and was very surprised when he saw cocaine."

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancehall community mum from Buju’s woes began ....................

Lest we forget the accusations that gays were out to get Buju Banton for his Boom Bye Bye song lyrics were out there long before his present ordeal with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA. From the early days of the Stop Murder Music Campaigns in Europe and GLAAD in the United States the complaints have been coming from his and other targeted so called murder music artists whose shows were cancelled, postponed or moved to more accommodating venues as is the case now in France where Sizzla and Vybz Kartel shows were cut and the pressure now on to Capleton in his upcoming tour of sections of the US.

When Buju Banton was first arrested everyone was stunned especially when it came to light he was charged for the unbelievable dealings with the “white lady” cocaine which Rastafarians are supposed to shy or avoid based on their religious principles and the teachings of Haile Sellasie. So the gay community in the USA and by extension Jamaica were used as scapegoats to blame for his woes however the initial outcry was loud and thunderous but now even within the ranks of the homophobes based on statements made on dancehall forums, radio feedback and other public spaces the believability factor has dropped dramatically as persons are now asking the questions they should have asked from the beginning. Why was he involved in dealings with these other known drug dealers in the first place when you are supposed to be a holy righteous Rastaman preaching love and healthy ital livity?

“Driver, Don’t Stop at all ............”

Could this song be the reason why the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA found it necessary to launch an operation to capture the Grammy winning reggae star? After all the song details how one can get away transporting the “white lady” and possible other drugs passed the authorities without being detected. The song of course is catchy as it struck a chord with many as not only did it show how to beat the system but appealed to our Anancyism traits in our culture of beating the formal systems, nothing like committing a wrong and getting away with it for a Jamaican it is the ultimate act of heroism and praise is bestowed on the one who can accomplish this, let us not remember this is precisely why the culture of donmanship thrives here.

The damning tape played today September 21, 2010 in his ongoing trial in Florida of Buju Banton allegedly saying he was involved in previous questionable activity which included movement of drugs from Europe to Africa supposedly in the name of taking care of his fifteen children around in Jamaica. Buju Banton allegedly asked one of the men who was in his presence that he wanted to finance some deal and he should avoid one Lloyd Evans as snitches are everywhere, many in the courtroom were in shock according to reports while others covered their ears when the audio was played.

Some questions:

  1. Why is it that even when the initial reactions of disbelief came from the public on Buju’s arrest certain powerful sections of the dancehall fraternity were so quiet and still are today?
  2. Could it be that others in the knowing in the dancehall fraternity already knew of Mr. Myrie’s dealings with the underworld so it came as no surprise to some?
  3. Is there a level of disappointment from the Rastafarian community in particular as he is considered a let down as he broke the righteous teachings of his majesty and perceived to have gotten involved in drug running?
  4. Even when agitations were made to help raise funds etc and rally around Buju under the short lived Free Buju campaign where were the other artists to give sustained public support?
  5. Is Buju being left to hang to dry on his own in this matter as fear of speaking out on his behalf may lead to the fear that the Stop Murder Music Campaign turning on the participants?
  6. Is there more to tell regarding the dancehall community’s silence on Buju’s present legal problems?
  7. If the gay community supposedly “set up” Buju Banton for this as a reprisal for his Boom Bye Bye lyrics from some 22 years ago why would they have waited so long to exact this action?
  8. If the gay community supposedly “set up” Buju Banton then are the two alleged men now turned state witnesses gay?

Given the parody video now out of Buju being a closeted gay man is the dancehall community aware of such an accusations hence their distance from him in this matter?

It just seems so strange that the outcry is not louder given the sensitivities involved and our supposed homophobic state seeing many of the dancehall acts accused of being murder music performers have already broken the Reggae Compassionate Act (UK) including Buju himself. The Act was supposedly designed to have dancehall acts agree to not promoting or performing anti gay songs anywhere I would have thought they would have used Jamaica as an offshore area to be strident in their stance in defence of Buju Banton since he is under pressure from "Babylon" since most of them have already broken the Act.

I would not be surprised though if he is acquitted that the silence would turn to great jubilation not for him as a Rasta getting away from a drug charge per say but him escaping the so called trap the gay community has set out for him. The varying spins that this story has taken is just beyond me, as for the reporting on the trial itself it is clear the local media have drawn their lines and are taking his side with very friendly articles on the proceedings.

I would also be equally not surprised if he is found guilty and the same quiet dancehall spectators turns loud and blames the gays for his demise, I wonder what would happen then?

Interesting times we are living in friends let’s watch this one closely.

UPDATE: Sept 22, 2010 - 6:50am a reader submitted this which is worth considering as well:

1) He was not set up by gays - who aren't that powerful, anyway.
2) I do not know how devout is his Rastafarianism, but, in any case, it suits him to appear devoutly religious right now.
3) It seems like he might be a dealer of long standing, which raises the issue, to me at least: how many other Dancehall artists are involved in drug trafficking?
4) How come he winds up sitting next to a DEA informant on a flight from Madrid to Miami? There must have been stuff going on prior to this, or the Feds would not have facilitated his sitting next to the informer.
5) One possible outcome is a deadlocked jury. In that case a whole new act would open in this drama.
6) Maybe entertainers are not supporting him vociferously, because they don't much like him.

Tell me what you think.

Peace and tolerance


Monday, September 20, 2010

Strong opposition to homosexuality on moral grounds says Don Anderson Poll

Majority view marriage as sacred, frown on homosexuality, says poll

LARGE numbers of Jamaicans hold the view that marriage is sacred and that abortion is a matter of personal choice, even though a majority of those polled by Don Anderson believe that having an abortion is morally wrong.
At the same time, the poll found strong opposition to homosexuality and disapproval of sex between older men and young girls.

“The large majority of persons interviewed feel that marriage is a sacred institution and as such married people should not have extramarital affairs,” Anderson said of the poll commissioned by the Ecumenical Family Life Council, a pro-life group.
The poll, which sought to determine how Jamaicans feel about morality and other social behaviour issues, was conducted May 3-14 among 500 persons, aged 18 years and over, islandwide.
“The sample was representative of the national population and allows for reliable projections of the data to national,” said Anderson who pointed out that the margin of error was plus or minus 3.5 per cent at the 95 per cent confidence level.

Anderson also highlighted that the fieldwork was conducted prior to the heightening of tensions leading up to the eventual problems in Tivoli Gardens and the imposition of the State of Emergency.

His reference was to the security forces’ operation in Tivoli to arrest Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke who was wanted by the US Government for alleged drug and arms trafficking. The operation resulted in 73 people, among them a soldier, being shot dead as gunmen loyal to Coke engaged police and soldiers in an effort to prevent his arrest.

Coke escaped during the skirmishes, but was captured a month later and is now in the US awaiting trial.
According to Anderson, when his pollsters asked whether it was wrong for married people to have an affair, 63 per cent of respondents agreed completely, 10 per cent said they agreed somewhat, 20 per cent disagreed completely, four per cent disagreed somewhat, and one per cent said they were not sure.
The responses, Anderson said, “suggest that there is a common agreement within the society that such affairs should be frowned upon and certainly not encouraged”.
The strongest disagreement, he said, was expressed among females, persons in the 25-44 age group and among low-income wage earners.

Abortion a personal decision

In relation to abortion, Anderson said he found that 51 per cent of all persons interviewed strongly support the view that abortion is a decision that each individual should be left to make on their own and not have it legislated for them.

Eleven per cent gave lukewarm agreement to this notion, 27 per cent disagreed completely, eight per cent disagreed somewhat and three per cent said they were not sure.
Anderson said that the combined 35 per cent who oppose the view feel that “there are instances where the decision as to whether or not one should have an abortion ought not to be left to the individual”.

However, the survey did not go on to elaborate what situations might warrant this, said the pollster.
Anderson said that when his pollsters raised the issue of morality in relation to abortion, they found that three of every four respondents felt that having an abortion was morally wrong.
A total of 63 per cent completely agreed; 15 per cent showed weaker levels of support; 12 per cent disagreed completely; seven per cent disagreed somewhat; and three per cent were not sure.

Anderson said that the view that having an abortion was morally wrong was mainly held by females, persons in the 35-54 age group and by persons in the lower socio-economic group.

Strong opposition to homosexuality on moral grounds

On the long controversial issue of homosexuality, the poll found that 87 per cent of respondents feel strongly that homosexual behaviour is morally wrong.
“The strength of this response clearly indicates that this view is supported across all the sectors within the society,” said Anderson. “Despite this, eight per cent of all persons interviewed disagree totally with this view and see nothing morally wrong with this type of behaviour.”

Sex between older men and young girls

This issue, Anderson said, was being considered in a non-marital environment.
“Muted concerns have often been expressed in the society about what some consider to be a growing trend of older men engaging young girls, close to or below the age of consent, in sexual activity,” he said. “In some circles it is thought to be somewhat of conventional wisdom to have sexual relations with young girls as a means of preventing or curing certain diseases. But the society at large has looked at this scenario, most often without public comment.”

The poll found that the majority of persons interviewed feel that the behaviour is not acceptable. But public objection to it is not as strong as some might have expected it to be.
When the pollster asked whether sex between older men and young girls is okay, 52 per cent of respondents said it was definitely wrong, while another seven per cent shared that view but were not that strong in their condemnation.

“Women and older persons are the categories within the sample who most strongly feel this way, but all segments are agreed to some extent that this behaviour is wrong,” said Anderson.
“Against this, however, has to be posited the 36 per cent of all persons interviewed who really do not see a problem with this practice,” the pollster said, adding that 41 per cent of the men and 45 per cent of persons aged 35-44 do not feel there is anything wrong with this behaviour.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Broadcast Ban Forces Cleanup of "Murder Music"

Broadcast Ban Forces Cleanup of "Murder Music"
By Zadie Neufville Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club Forums

KINGSTON, Sep 14, 2010 (IPS) - A government-led crackdown on violent and explicit sexual lyrics seems to have stalled reggae music's 20-year slide into what has been dubbed "murder music".

Nineteen months after Jamaica's Broadcasting Commission banned from the airwaves all songs with violent and explicit sexual lyrics, dancehall stars have begun changing the messages in their music - lyrics that once promoted guns, violence and sex now preach love, harmony and righteous living.

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica's (BCJ) ban in February 2009 included versions of the offending recordings that employed "editing techniques of bleeping or beeping of its original content". Together with police enforcement of the Noise Abatement Act, and rigorous monitoring of live performances, performers' use of vulgar and aggressive language has virtually disappeared.

While BCJ supporters applaud the success, some speculate that recent gun attacks on prominent artists, and show and visa cancellations worldwide have also been contributing factors. In May, O'Neil Edwards from the reggae group Voicemail was shot and killed. In an unrelated incident a day later, Ewart Brown, stage name Mad Cobra, was also shot numerous times, although he survived.

"The people say that some of us big up in the music are responsible. This is an indicator that we need to stop it," dancehall sing-jay Clifford "Mr. Vegas" Smith told journalists at a prayer vigil for Edwards.

Since its beginnings in the late 1960s, reggae has mirrored the social conscience of the inner city poor. In recent years, the celebration of violence and an escalation of graphic sexual commentary have made dancehall reggae an affront to religious and gay communities.

Religious groups blame dancehall music for social decline and rising murder rates. Gay groups dubbed it "murder music" because anti-gay lyrics often suggested killing homosexuals, and led a vigorous campaign against its biggest stars.

The long-running campaign against anti-gay lyrics caused some show cancellations in Britain and various U.S. cities, but promoters simply shifted their attention to the Caribbean, Europe and Japan in response to rising popularity of the music. Fast-forward to 2010: the airwaves are again buzzing with calls for social regeneration, peace and unity, reminiscent of the Bob Marley era.

University of the West Indies' reggae studies lecturer Donna Marquis Hope noted that the standoff between the U.S. and Jamaican authorities over the extradition of alleged drug kingpin Christopher 'Dudus' Coke may have had more of a profound impact on the transformation of the music than either the pullout of live reggae music's biggest sponsor Red Stripe or the gay lobby.

"Red Stripe was certainly not missed as several other sponsors, large and small, stepped into the vacuum created by Red Stripe's precipitous move in 2008," Hope said.

Thwarted in its attempts to extradite Tivoli Garden strongman Coke, the United States revoked the visas of prominent Jamaicans, among them reggae stars Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price, Sheldon Lawrence also known as Aidonia and David "Mavado" Brooks. Coupled with the December 2009 arrest of Mark "Buju Banton" Myrie, promoters complained of an air of "uncertainty" regarding the booking of reggae artists.

California's Annual Seabreeze Festival was postponed in July because organisers were uncertain of "guaranteeing artist performance". Industry sources say the U.S. market accounts for between a third and one half of the reggae shows these artists depend on.

Dancehall's troubles escalated further in 2009 when, several Caribbean countries instituted their own broadcast bans, expressing concern about the effects they say the music has on their own populations. Many including Grenada, Barbados, Guyana and St. Lucia denied some prominent performers work permits.

"Enough is enough," Barbados' Education Minister Ronald Jones told reporters in March, after Jamaican artists Adijah Palmer also known Vybz Kartel and "Mavado" Brooks were denied permission to perform on the island. Jones insisted that there was a link between dancehall music and the increasingly aggressive behaviour of young Barbadians.

Palmer's 'Ramping Shop', a duet in which he and female deejay Grace "Spice" Hamilton explicitly described a sexual encounter, is identified as the last straw that initiated the BCJ ban. Palmer is also the second half of the Gaza vs. Gully lyrical duel with self-proclaimed "gangster" Brooks, which pitted fans and communities against each other in 2009.

Fears that the row could set off gang warfare prompted the intervention of Prime Minister Bruce Golding. Gaza is the nickname Palmer gave to his working-class community of Waterford in Portmore, St Catherine. Brooks hails from Gully, a poverty-stricken community in Cassava Piece, Kingston.

These days in addition to guaranteeing acts, local promoters are culpable for the performances. The Noise Abatement Act imposes strict shutdown times for street dances, entertainment events and political meetings and makes promoters liable for the actions of performers at events they stage. Music executives like Johnny Gourzong now make it a contractual obligation for artists to avoid the use of profanity and the singling out of certain groups.

"We have already set out what they should not be doing, and in addition, we sent them a letter which reinforced it," said Gourzong, the executive producer of the annual Reggae Sumfest, at the start of the weeklong festival in July.

The fraternity is already seeing the benefits of the 'clean up'. When Reggae Sumfest 2010 opened in Jamaica's second city Montego Bay on Jul. 23, Red Stripe was back on board as a title sponsor after a two-year hiatus.