Friday, May 11, 2012

Leading man Lingerie: Sexy and stylish

When a man wants to buy a gift of lingerie for your partner, can be a daunting and confusing. Where do you start? So many brands and styles available. What are the differences? This brief guide and basic styles and brands of lingerie will help to clarify the basics and gives you a basis for asking the advice of a workshop, store or shop.

There are 6 different categories of lingerie in the market: sporty, natural, elegant occasion, special or sexy bridal lingerie. Of course can these categories overlaps can wedding shops or sexy lingerie be made through a constructor. Underwear sport can be naturally. Natural can be sexy. But understanding these six categories are used to decide which underwear to choose.

Natural rope, generally tend to be functional and less apparent. Simplicity, quality and comfort tend to be the main criteria for their use. Mark of underwear Darjeeling is for women who prefer the natural look.
The purpose of sport is that lingerie lingerie should support but not interfere with the lifestyle of women. It should be obvious in tight fitting clothes and not give up anything in terms of functionality. Prada is known for its sportswear. Sloggi has developed a strong image in this area also.

Elegant lingerie is designed to give women a look of subtle sensuality without being too obviously erotic. There are many types and styles of elegant lingerie cross, with designers. Chantelle lingerie Riviera is an elegant example of underwear
Designer lingerie gives women a feeling of being special. Since few people will ever know, is made by a designer underwear, the woman who spends money on designer lingerie spend much more of himself. The emphasis is on style and comfort or quality. Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and recently popular Agent Provocateur are a few key designers of lingerie.
Sexy Lingerie combines a broad spectrum of styles. There are many types of lingerie can be included here, such as straps or g-strings, teddy, corsets, garters, lower body, underwear, etc. Actually, anyone who can be included in other categories. For example, a chain be fashionable or stylish. A corset can be sexy, provocative or elegant. Each of them can be performed by a designer. But the general aspect of these types of lingerie gives the woman feel sexy. Victoria's Secret has a focus on sexy lingerie. Fredericks is fading competitor. Lola Luna specializes in G-strings or thongs. Lady Marlene focuses on Bustiers. Lise Charmel France combines seduction with fashion.
Bridal lingerie is made for that day for a woman waiting all their lives, their wedding night. Usually a combination of white, cream color, with elegant and sexy. Comfort and durability are not a problem here, but sensuality and style are important. It seems like every lingerie designer markets a range of bridal lingerie.

So what brand you buy your underwear? Above all, it depends on where you live. Lingerie tends to be national or regional level. Although some manufacturers are trying to be global, there is no company dominates the world market:

Chantelle lingerie or one of the biggest brands of French lingerie and exporting to over 50 countries. Passioneta and Darjeeling are trademarks Chantelle. But Chantelle is still very small sales in the U.S..

or La Perla started as a small Italian manufacturer of corsets and is now well known internationally as a manufacturer of underwear

The fantasies or is a designer lingerie in the UK that focuses on lingerie in larger cup sizes. Britain is by far the biggest sales of Fantasia.

or Triumph is a German manufacturer of underwear, such as La Perla debuted as a small local manufacturer of corsets and raised in an international company. Sloggi is a brand owned by Triumph. Victory is only available in North America.

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